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Costs regarding additional examination

General medical care is covered by the basic insurance and your own risk will not be addressed. This means you do not have to pay yourself for a visit to or from the GP, assistant and nurse practitioner.

In general, examinations carried out in the surgery are covered by the basic insurance. When a doctor requests an additional examination, prescribes medication, and/or refers you to a specialist, your own risk will be addressed.

Below are a few examples of care for which your own risk will be addressed, and a summary of exceptions.

Own risk

  • Blood samples for analysis
  • Culture (including STD test)
  • Examination of skin spot
  • Pap smear when requested by the GP
  • Medication*
  • Consultation by a specialist**

* Some medication is not covered at all by the insurance, and your own risk will not be addressed. For this medication you have to pay yourself.

** When you have a referral for a specialist from the GP, your own risk will only be addressed for a part of the costs. For more information about referrals see Referral specialist: not afterwards.

Exceptions: own risk will not be addressed

  • Pap smear regarding the cervical cancer screening programme
  • Blood samples for analysis through a fingerprick; for example for the measurement of
  • CRP (possible infections/inflammations)
  • INR (anticoagulant treatment)

Overview rates

  • Blood samples for analysis we send to LabWest (website in Dutch only)
  • For examinations of skin spots, pap smears and other, we work with LCPL-Pathan (website in Dutch only)

When in doubt or uncertainty about costs, we advise you to contact your insurance company. Some costs may vary by hospital, treatment center or laboratory.