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GP runs behind schedule

It may occur that the doctor runs behind schedule and keeps you waiting for your appointment. We do everything we can to maintain the appointment times. However we can not always manage to do so. Here we would like to explain why.

Time of appointment

A single appointment normally lasts 10 minutes. Whitin these 10 minutes a lot needs to be done. The doctor calls you out of the waiting room, asks about your complaint, may perform a physical examination for which you may need to undress, the doctor writes down your complaint in your file and may write a prescription and/or referral. The doctor needs every last minute to evaluate and treat your complaint as thoroughly as possible, and to update your medical file.

Reason for consultation

If you make an appointment the assistant will ask you the reason for this consultation. This is done at the request of the doctor so the assistant can make an estimation about the urgency of this consultation and the time that is needed. If you have more complaints or if you need more time, the assistant will give you a longer appointment.

Reasons why doctor runs late

Even though we do everything we can to schedule the consultations hours as well as possible, it may occur that the doctor runs late. For example because the doctor has an urgent consultation with a specialist, or because of an emergency.

In addition, it may happen that a complaint is found to be more complicated than previously thought. For instance, it becomes clear during the consultation that the complaint is related to a sensitive issue. Or you get very emotional and need some time to recover. In that case, the doctor will take some more time to discuss the issue as well as possible and to be able to help as much as possible.

Other patient is called in before you

There are multiple caregivers working in the surgery: doctors, nurse practitioners, assistants, dietician, psychologist. It may seem as if another patient is favoured because he or she is called out of the waiting room before you are. The other patient probably has an appointment with another caregiver, and the caregiver you have an appointment with may run late.

We ask for your understanding

We understand that is inconvenient if you have to wait, but we still want to ask for your understanding. Perhaps the reasons mentioned above may not apply to you, but possible to a patient before you. We try our best to help you as well as possible and to provide the best possible care. When making the appointment we would appreciate it if you can help us by indicating as clearly as possible how many complaints you want to discuss.