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Medical statement (on sick leave)

Medical statement

The doctors are regularly requested for a medical statement. For example, in regard of an insurance claim or when applying for an insurance. Doctors may only issue a medical statement under the following conditions:

  • The patient or the concerning organization submits a written application;
  • The patient gives written consent for the sharing of medical information.

Without this information, the doctor can not issue a medical statement. For more information see the file  KNMG 'Weigeringsbriefje', or the website of KNMG.

Sick note

A sick note, or fit note, will only be written under the following conditions:

  • The employer is an international organization;
  • The organization in question does not have a health and safety officer;
  • The patient reports sick with the doctor on the first day of illness, or the next working day when this occurs during the weekend;
  • The patient reports better with the doctor, and informs about the next working day.

The doctor does not write a note when we are informed about the sick leave afterwards.