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Medical information: requesting and/or sharing

Requesting medical information

The doctors are regularly requested for access to a medical record or a copy of therecord. As a patient you have the right to access your medical record. In general, the doctors will give you a copy when you request for this. However, it often happens that patients are being pressured by agencies or authorities to give medical information. Of course this is not what the right to access your record is intended for.

When agencies or authorities have a request for medical information, they need to turn to the doctor directly. The doctors will only handle this request when they are asked a specific question and when you have given written permission for this. If the doctor had doubts about the background of the request, the doctor will contact you. 

Sharing medical information with other medical specialists

Our surgery is connected to healthcare infrastructure of the LSP (Landelijk Schakelpunt: National Switching Point). The LSP ensures fast and reliable electronic exchange of medical data. Only the following healthcare providers can connect to this system:

  • GP
  • Substitute GP at SMASH
  • Pharmacists
  • Hospital Pharmacists
  • Medical Specialists

For this, the following conditions apply:

  • You have given permission to share your medical record, ánd
  • Healthcare professionals can only look into your medical record as it is needed for your treatment.

Only the healthcare providers  mentioned above can look into your current medical information. So, health insurers, employers and company doctors do not have permission for this. Other providers, such as a psychologist or a therapist, can not look into your medical records through the LSP either.

For more information and/or registration, see ikgeeftoestemming.nl

Sharing medical information with your pharmacy

With certain medication it is important that the farmacy knows the measurement of your renal function. If this value is reduced, the dosage of medication should also be reduced. Some medication is actually not suitable at all.

To avoid complications, the doctors share the measurement of your renal function with your pharmacy. This is in the interest of your health. For more information about renal function, see renal function.

In case you object to sharing this information, please let us know.