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Evening, night, and weekend service (SMASH)

During the evening, night and weekend, for urgent medical problems, you can visit one of the SMASH surgeries. All GP's in The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Leidschendam and Voorschoten work together In this service to help you during out of office hours.

Openings hours

Monday to Thursday: 

5.00 pm - 8.00 am

Weekend: Friday evening 5.00 pm to Monday morning 8.00 am
Holidays: From 5.00 pm the day before to 8.00 am the day after
SMASH: 070 - 346 96 69

When you make an appointment, please provide your insurance data. Keep in mind that the service is for urgent cases, problems that cannot wait until the next day.

Addresses of the SMASH surgeries

The addresses for the SMASH surgeries in The Hague (and surroundings) are as follows:

HAGA ziekenhuis, location Leyweg:  Charlotte Jacobslaan 10, 2545 AB Den Haag
HMC Bronovo:  Bronovolaan 5, 2597 AX Den Haag
HMC Westeinde: Lijnbaan 32, 2512 VA Den Haag