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Telephonic consultations

Every working day we have telephonic consultations at two different times. The schedule is as follows:

  08.00 - 08.30 am  2.30 - 3.00 pm
Monday:  dr. S.E. van Markus-Floor  dr. J. Vellenga
Tuesday:  dr. J. Hartman dr. S.E. van Markus-Floor
Wednesday: dr. J. Vellenga dr. L.E.V. Dirkse
Thursday:  dr. J. Hartman dr. S.E. van Markus-Floor
Friday: dr. J. Vellenga dr. L.E.V. Dirkse

The telephone number for telephonic consultations is: 070-3522544, press 0 for English, then press 3 to speak to the doctor. For simple medical questions, like blood analysis or scan results, you can use the telephonic consultations. The advantage is  that very often we can help, so you don't have to come to the surgery.

It can be very busy during telephonic consultation hours. Unfortunately, we can not predict beforehand how busy it will be. If you have not been able to reach the doctor at 08.40 am or 3.10 pm, we would advise you to try it again in the afternoon or the next working day.

You can also contact us through an eConsult for medical questions. In addition, more and more hospitals offer the possibility of an online portal. Through this portal you can request the results for blood samples or X-rays.