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Making an appointment

Consultations are held every working day. To make an appointment you can reach the assistant at the times below: 

Morning: 08.30 - 11.30 am
Afternoon: 02.00 - 02.30 pm
  03.00 - 05.00 pm

Telephone number: 070 – 352 25 44, press 0 for English, then press 3 to speak to the assistant.

Note: between 11.30 am – 2.00 pm you can not reach the assistant because of consultation with the GP's and lunch break.

Reason for consultation

If you make an appointment, the assistant will ask you the reason for this consultation. This is done at the request of the doctor so the assistant can estimate the urgency of the consultation and the time that is needed. All medical personnel work in accordance with the patient confidentiality code.

More time

One consultation takes about 10 minutes. When you have more problems, or if you need more time, tell it the assistant so she can give you a longer appointment.

Home visit

If you are too ill to come to the surgery, we can make a home visit. The assistant, together with the doctor, will decide if a home visit is necessary. Home visits will not be made because you don't have time or no transportation to come to the surgery.

A home visit must be requested before 11.00 am.