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General information

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High standards of medical care and personal attention to the patient are key in Huisartsenpraktijk Statenkwartier. We are a surgery that devotes a lot of personal attention to our patients. We take time and make an effort to meet your wishes and expectations. Our focus is not on the number of patients seen, but the best medical care possible. One of our primary aims is prevention, and our surgery nurse performs many preventive tasks. Dutch is not the only language spoken, and this is reflected in the considerable number of expats in our surgery.

In addition to regular GP care, we also offer other, specialist care. Also, there are other healtcare providers working at Eisenhowerlaan 81. Below is an overview of the care that is offered. Click on the consultation hour or specialism for more information. For other surgery information see FAQ.

Huisartsenpraktijk Statenkwartier


Care programmes and other specialist care:

Healthcare for internationals

Other healthcare providers

Will follow:

You can find all relevant information about our surgery via the submenu. For frequently asked questions (FAQs) see Other information. For new announcements see News.


The surgery is NHG-accredited. This means that the surgery meets all the requirements and conditions demanded by the NHG (Dutch GP Association). This quality mark means that we work proactively on quality improvement, patient satisfaction and organisational improvements.

Vaccination centre

Our surgery is recognised as a vaccination centre. We are qualified to give all kinds of vaccinations, including yellow fever, and patients from other surgeries are welcome for travel vaccinations. You can find more information on the page Traveller vaccinations.

New registrations

Our surgery is open for new patients. If you live in our neighbourhood, then you are welcome. Please contact our assistant before you fill out the form. You can register through the registration form.

Partnership Gezond in het Statenkwartier 

More healthcare providers are becoming involved in the treatment of many diseases. For example, we work with a physiotherapist, pharmacist, dietitian and psychologist. As a surgery, we are members of the partnership 'Gezond in het Statenkwartier' ('Healthy in the Statenkwartier'). For more information see page Partnership Gezond in het Statenkwartier.

Surgery brochure

For an overview of the most important surgery information, you can download our surgery brochure (location Eisenhowerlaan).